DNN 2: Conversational AI, NLP & HuggingFace 🤗 // Thomas Wolf

NLP Dec 3, 2019


In the second episode of Deep Neural Notebooks, I talk with Thomas Wolf.

Thomas is the Chief Science Officer at HuggingFace 🤗, a Brooklyn based start-up that aims at building the first truly social artificial intelligence. His interesting background includes a PhD in Quantum Physics and a degree in Law, followed by a five-year long career as a Patent Attorney, before his passion for Science brought him to HuggingFace. Thomas, and his team at HuggingFace believes in the power of Open Source and have been active contributors on Github, sharing their research and progress, allowing the development of technology for the better.

We talk about

In this episode, we talk about his diverse career background- his journey from Physics to Law to Deep Learning and Conversational Agents. We also talk about the vision at HuggingFace, the challenges in building a long-term, companion-like Conversational Agent, the state of Natural Language Processing, and how we can do better.

Links: Youtube / Anchor.fm / Apple Podcasts / Spotify

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