DNN 5: Neuroscience, Art and Creativity // Leslee Lazar

Neuroscience Apr 6, 2020


In this episode, I interview Leslee Lazar, a cognitive neuroscientist and visual artist.

He is a professor at IIT Gandhinagar, at the Centre for Cognitive and Brain Science, working on processing of tactile perception in the somatosensory cortex of the brain. He is passionate about art and design, and uses illustrations, graphic design, infographics, collages and photography to convey complex stories. Neuroscientist by day, visual artist by evening, his research interests include understanding creativity and perception of art from a Neuroscience point of view.

We talk about

In this episode, we talk about his journey - from Zoology to Neuroscience, his work on touch perception, about creativity, and about how we as humans share an innate appreciation for art and beauty. On the intersection of Computer Science and Neuroscience, I asked him about brain computer interfaces, like the ones being developed at Neuralink, and his thoughts on possibility of being able to model a digital brain one day. In the end, he shares some advice for people taking interest in Neuroscience and a list of books people can refer to, to get started.

Links: Youtube / Anchor.fm / Apple Podcasts / Spotify

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