DNN 8: Computer Vision & ML Research, Super SloMo // Varun Jampani

Computer Vision Jun 2, 2020


In this episode, I interview Varun Jampani, who is a Research Scientist at Google Research. You might recognise him from the renowned Super SloMo paper. His work lies at the intersection of Computer Vision and Machine Learning. His main focus is to leverage machine learning techniques for better inference in computer vision models.

Prior to joining Google, he was a research scientist at NVIDIA.He completed his PhD at the Max-Planck Institute (MPI) for Intelligent Systems. He is also a IIIT Hyderabad alum, where he did his Bachelor's and Master's.

We talk about

In this episode we talk about his journey — from his Bachelor's and Masters at IIIT Hyderabad to his PhD at MPI, about how his research has shaped over the years, about his focus on always asking good research questions and tackling fundamental problems in Computer Vision as a whole. We also talk about the SuperSloMo paper, about how it started, the key design decisions that were taken and the challenges faced in the process. If there's one thing that you are likely to take away from this conversation, it is the importance of asking good research questions and letting that drive your learning and research.

Links: Youtube / Anchor.fm / Apple Podcasts / Spotify

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