Practical Natural Language Processing Book Giveaway 📕| NLP, AI in Industry | GPT-3 & more

NLP Nov 11, 2019

Here’s my conversation with authors of the Practical Natural Language Processing book — all about the book, GPT-3 and Machine Learning/AI & NLP in the industry.


Thanks to O’Reilly and the authors, we are giving away 5 copies of the Practical Natural Language Processing book.

Giveaway tweet:

To participate in the giveaway, retweet and comment about your favourite part of the conversation with the “#practicalnlp” hashtag.


The 5 winners will be selected and notified on October 1, 2020.

To be updated about the results, subscribe to the channel and follow me on twitter @mkulkhanna.


You can also get a 30-day free trial from the O’Reilly website by using the promo code PNLP20 or the link below.



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