1. EMQA
    Episodic Memory Question Answering 🤖
    Accepted at CVPR 2022
  2. DeepHS-HDRV
    DeepHS-HDRVideo: Deep High Speed High Dynamic Range Video Reconstruction 📸
    Zeeshan Khan, Parth Shettiwar, Mukul Khanna, and Shanmuganathan Raman
    Accepted at ICPR 2022


  1. BF2NormalNet
    Building Facades to Normal Maps: Adversarial Learning from Single View Images 🏢
    Mukul Khanna, Tanu Sharma, Ayyappa Swamy Thatavarthy, and K. Madhava Krishna
    Conference on Robots and Vision (CRV) 2021
  2. Multi-view Planarity Constraints for Skyline Estimation from UAV Images in City Scale Urban Environments 🏙️
    Ayyappa Swamy Thatavarthy, Tanu Sharma, Harshit Sankhla, Mukul Khanna, and K. Madhava Krishna
    VISAPP 2021


  1. FHDR
    FHDR: HDR Image Reconstruction from a Single LDR Image using Feedback Network 📸
    Zeeshan Khan, Mukul Khanna, and Shanmuganathan Raman
    GlobalSIP 2019
  2. URSIM
    Open Source Simulator for Unmanned Underwater Vehicles using ROS and Unity3D 🐟
    Pushkal Katara, Mukul Khanna, Harshit Nagar, and A. Panaiyappan
    Underwater Technology (UT) 2019