1. EMQA
    Episodic Memory Question Answering
    (under review)
  2. BF2NormalNet
    Building Facades to Normal Maps: Adversarial Learning from Single View Images
    Mukul Khanna, Tanu Sharma, Ayyappa Swamy Thatavarthy, and K. Madhava Krishna
    Conference on Robots and Vision (CRV) 2021
  3. Multi-view Planarity Constraints for Skyline Estimation from UAV Images in City Scale Urban Environments.
    Ayyappa Swamy Thatavarthy, Tanu Sharma, Harshit Sankhla, Mukul Khanna, and K. Madhava Krishna
    VISAPP 2021


  1. FHDR
    FHDR: HDR Image Reconstruction from a Single LDR Image using Feedback Network
    Zeeshan Khan, Mukul Khanna, and Shanmuganathan Raman
    GlobalSIP 2019
  2. URSIM
    Open Source Simulator for Unmanned Underwater Vehicles using ROS and Unity3D
    Pushkal Katara, Mukul Khanna, Harshit Nagar, and A. Panaiyappan
    Underwater Technology (UT) 2019